If anyone deserves recognition during this pandemic, it’s nurses. They have been working around the clock and putting their own health at risk to combat COVID-19. We appreciate our amazing nurses at our skilled nursing facility in Lodi for their hard work and positive impact on our community.

In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week 2021, take some time to thank the nurses who have been working tirelessly and selflessly to care for our communities. Here are two ways you can show your appreciation this Nurses Week.

Write a Thank-You Note

Although simple, heartfelt notes can mean a lot. Your note can be a hand-written letter, a decorative card, or even an ecard. Just be sure to be sincere and let them know specific things you are grateful for. Even if you don’t know any nurses personally, you can write notes to the nurses at the hospitals or skilled nursing facilities in Lodi and drop them off during Nurses Week. 

Give a Social Media Shout-Out

One of the easiest ways to say thanks this Nurses Week is to give a shout-out to nurses on social media. Create or share a post on social media thanking nurses for all they do, and tag the nurses you know. They will appreciate the recognition, and others will be inspired to thank nurses, too!

At Lodi Nursing and Rehabilitation in Lodi, CA, we hope you take some time during National Nurses Week to thank the nurses in our community. These are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to be creative in the way you choose to express your thanks!